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I’ve worked with dozens of consultants over the years and PivotNine is the only firm I recommend when it comes to positioning and messaging. They are THE best at what they do hands down. I haven’t seen anyone else come close to the quality of work they do or are able to deliver.
Amber Rowland
Founder, The Rowland Agency

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Pure Storage Adds Free DirectCompress Accelerator Card to FlashArray//XL

8 March 2023

New FlashArray//XL arrays come with a free DirectCompress FPGA data compression accelerator card built in.

Pure Storage Announces FlashBlade//E to Wipe Out Spinning Disk

1 March 2023

Pure Storage has announced a new line of capacity flash storage arrays called the FlashBlade//E. and Networking Options in Kubernetes

22 February 2023

Why is Solo’s service mesh needed? Why doesn’t Kubernetes already do this?