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We help customers communicate what makes them special to audiences who will care.


Want to keep tabs on the market? Looking for a second opinion? We help clients have confidence they’re making the right choices, and address potential issues before they turn into problems. Stay up to date without having to build out an entire team yourself.

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Launching your company? Unveiling a product? Planning your marketing strategy? We have extensive experience assisting companies just like yours to navigate the often confusing world of modern tech marketing. What tactics should you use? What makes a good digital strategy?

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We keep a close eye on the enterprise datacentre, infosec, and cloud markets. Clients receive regular updates on general trends and intelligence gathered from our regular conversations with C-level executives at customers and vendors.

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"I’ve worked with dozens of consultants over the years and PivotNine is the only firm I recommend when it comes to positioning and messaging. They are THE best at what they do hands down. I haven’t seen anyone else come close to the quality of work they do or are able to deliver."
Amber Rowland
Founder, The Rowland Agency
"PivotNine helped focus and articulate Smallstep's positioning and message, and provided more clarity to research objectives. PivotNine shine with great customer experience and with their knowledge and professionalism while maintaining a personal touch."
Sebastian Tiedtke
Chief Technology Officer, Smallstep
"It was clear that PivotNine knows the domain and could guide us with how to progress our marketing strategy. They're just very good and easy to work with. Everything was well organized and clear."
Ohad Maislish
Co-Founder and CEO, Env0
“PivotNine brought tremendous market knowledge and within a very short time assisted us in determining direction on brand, marketing fit, messaging, and sales targets.”
Dan Mroz
VP of Worldwide Marketing, Cloudistics

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