Nutanix Partners With Ravello Systems To Bring Community Edition To All

Hyperconverged powerhouse Nutanix have announced a partnership with Ravello Systems, makers of a cloud-based lab system built on a nested hypervisor, to make testing out the Nutanix Community Edition very easy.

Nutanix PRISM Interface
The Nutanix PRISM interface (Source: Justin Warren)

By teaming up with Ravello, Nutanix has made it easy for prospective customers, or indeed analysts like myself, to try out the Acropolis hypervisor and its PRISM management interface. Without a virtual option like this, a customer would need to, at the very least, acquire a compatible piece of hardware on which to install the Community Edition software. That’s a hassle, and though minor, it can be enough to delay or halt someone getting to know this platform, and maybe try someone else’s.

I received early access to the image of Nutanix Community Edition in Ravello, which was used to take the screenshot above. I can confirm that yes, it really does take mere minutes to be at the PRISM console, around ten in my case. I didn’t have to download any OVA files or .ISO images from a vendor website and then upload them, I just went to the Ravello Systems marketplace and grabbed the image. I chose the cloud to deploy to (Amazon’s AWS in this case) and a few minutes later (after loading an ISO image into Acropolis via URL, no download/upload dance) I was installing Ubuntu inside Acropolis running on AWS in Ravello.

Installing Ubuntu on Nutanix on RavelloSystems on AWS
Installing Ubuntu on Nutanix on Ravello Systems on AWS (Source: Justin Warren)

It’s amazing that it actually works, but it definitely does.

Ravello Systems was founded by the team that created the KVM hypervisor, the same hypervisor that is at the core of the Nutanix Acropolis hypervisor. Ravello came up with a way to run a hypervisor on top of Amazon’s AWS and VMware’s ESXi platform, or vanilla KVM) on top of a cloud service.

Nesting hypervisors like this, Inception style, makes it easy to spin up a lab environment to test things out, the very thing that Nutanix wants you to do with its Community Edition.