Walmart Makes It Easier To Switch Clouds With OneOps

Source: AP

Walmart has open sourced the OneOps software that the company acquired as part of its purchase of the eponymous company OneOps in 2013.

Walmart purchased OneOps as part of its move to convert its own eCommerce software from a monolithic application “deployed once every two months” into a “best-in-class global e-commerce platform.”

Walmart says the software will help developers to write applications that can work in different clouds with ease, which was part of the offering from OneOps when it was a private startup company.

This means they can test and switch between different cloud providers to take advantage of better pricing, technology, and scalability – without being locked in to one cloud provider,” the company said in a statement posted on the website.

In what looks like a subtle dig at rival, Walmart justifies releasing OneOps as open source software because “Walmart is a cloud user, not a cloud provider. It makes sense for Walmart to release OneOps as an open source project so that the community can improve or build ways for it to adapt to existing technology.”

But does it?

Walmart is no stranger to using technology to assist with selling a large volume and variety of goods to many buyers. Like any large retail chain, data plays an important part in running the business profitably, as Target recently learned at great cost. The logistical challenges of ensuring that stock arrives in the right place at the right time is just one of thousands of problems that requires modern technology to address.