Everyone Is A Leader In Following The Herd

Hands up if you’ve heard this one:
“Capupants Fitness, the leader in yoga pants for Capuchin monkeys with low blood sugar, announced today that…”

or possibly this one:

“Pobblebonk Enterprises, the leader in hyperbolic PR statements for ridiculously small market segments…”

See the pattern?

I’ve not sat down and tabulated the statistics (which is slack of me, and I’m going to start from today) but it feels like every press-release, media statement, and public announcement from companies today has to include a phrase based on this template: “Company X, a leader in Y” where Y is whatever narrowly defined area company X can at least plausibly be called a leader in.

Because the clear sign of being a leader is doing the same thing as everyone else, obviously.

I am honestly baffled by this phenomenon. It’s not as if this behavior is happening in private. It’s in your press-release! And everyone else’s! How can you be leading if everyone else also is?