BMC Says Enterprises Need Tools To Manage Multi-Cloud

BMC Software have announced a new tool called BMC Discovery for Multi-Cloud that, it says, “Empowers Enterprises to Successfully Manage Multi-Cloud Environments.”
Bad luck to all those enterprises who already thought they were being successful.

Apparently “with the shift from the on-prem to multi-cloud environments, companies are challenged with security, cost, compliance, and governance requirements.” As distinct from what challenged companies before the invention of cloud, or indeed computers.

Badly written press-releases aside, I spoke to BMC Software’s Vice President of Digital Innovation, Jason Frye, about what any of this really means.

“It helps organizations the cost implications of migrating to the cloud,” he said, “And allows them to model what a workload might cost if they were to run it on Amazon or Azure, or potentially keep it on-site.”

“Sometimes when we do those models, customers find out that the workload might be less expensive to run on-site than the cloud, or vice versa,” he said.

This sounds quite similar to what Densify showed me at VMworld last week, though I haven’t dug into its ability to do asset discovery and service dependency mapping.

Frye mentioned a BMC customer had used this service dependency feature to help them understand their exposure to the WannaCry ransomware. They could figure out which servers had exposure to the bug that enabled WannaCry to infect them, and also understand which services depended on them. Shutting down those servers to patch them thus became a more managed process, rather than a panicked rush full of screaming and tearing out of hair.