Ex-Yahoo Cloud VP Preeti Somal Joins HashiCorp

Preeti Somal has joined HashiCorp as VP of Engineering where she has been tasked with leading the team as the company enjoys strong growth.

Preeti Somal, HashiCorp VP of Engineering
Preeti Somal, HashiCorp VP of Engineering

Somal joins HashiCorp from Yahoo where she led the R&D team on the internal private cloud as VP of Cloud Services for four years. Prior to Yahoo, Somal spent five years at VMware as Vice President of R&D.

HashiCorp has been growing steadily and recently closed a $40 million Series C round in October 2017 bringing total funding to $74 million. HashiCorp’s products are a mainstay of open source software development, with Terraform and Vagrant close to household names amongst cloud-native developers.

“Open source is the software that underpins the building and running of clouds,” says Somal. She cites her experience at Yahoo as preparing her well for moving from being a customer of cloud software to being a vendor. “Walking in the shoes of the customer really gave me a first-hand insight into the challenges that customers face as they look at running a cloud and adopting cloud.”

“Even though Yahoo was really large, we were moving at a really fast pace,” she said. “That pace is something I thoroughly enjoyed.” It’s a pace she says she is looking forward to maintaining now that she’s working at a startup.

Part of what enabled Somal’s team to move so quickly was its use of open source software. “When we built the private cloud at Yahoo we were heavy users of open source technologies,” she said.

“GitHub has fundamentally changed how we build software,” said HashiCorp CEO Dave McJannet says. “Everything’s visible. People can look inside and see how well built these products are.”