PivotNine provides advice to clients in two modes:

  • Ongoing, regular advice on a subscription basis
  • Specific, tailored advice

Advisory Subscription

Our premium offering, an advisory subscription entitles you to regular updates on technology trends, important events, and special briefings.

Learn more about our advisory subscription.

Tailored Advice

We also offer targeted advice for clients who have a specific need for advice on a pressing issue.

Perhaps you’re contemplating a move from on-site systems to cloud or Software-as-a-Service systems and would like to learn from those who’ve seen and done it before.

Some clients draw on our extensive product/market fit experience to help them assess new offerings before taking them to market.

Others simply want an independent assessment of an action they are considering, to assist with due diligence.

Contact us for a no-obligation discussion of your needs to see if PivotNine is right for you. We are only too happy to refer you to someone more suitable in our network if we feel the work is not a good fit for our skills.


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