Pure Storage Announces PX-Backup Free Forever Tier

28 October 2022

Pure Storage has announced a ‘free forever’ tier of its Portworx Backup offering.

Pure Storage Announces Portworx Enterprise 3.0

28 October 2022

Pure Storage has announced an expanded, fully-managed service for Kubernetes storage with Portworx Enterprise 3.0.

HashiCorp and the Rise of Platform Engineering

24 October 2022

Platform engineering is an emerging category term and HashiCorp is well placed to capitalise on the trend.

Commvault Releases Metallic ThreatWise To Detect Threats To Your Data Early

21 September 2022

Data protection vendor Commvault has released Metallic Threatwise, a SaaS add-onfor Metallic that detects intruders when they first enter the environment.

DevOps Automation Platform Zeet Raises $4.3 Million

10 September 2022

Zeet, which bills itself as an “integrated DevOps and deployment platform for software developers” has raised $4.3 million in a seed round lead by Sequoia Capital.

Druva Announces $10 Million Data Resiliency Guarantee

9 August 2022

Druva has announced a $10 million data resiliency guarantee for customers spending more than $25k a year.

Systems doing what they do

1 August 2022

A bunch of wailing about financial earnings, Intel winning and losing, Amazon having another go at healthcare, and Alibaba pulling back.

Fermyon Could Revolutionize Microservices

8 July 2022

Fermyon has created a PaaS for WebAssembly microservices. We explain why it’s very cool.

HashiCorp Terraform Drift Detection

22 June 2022

HashiCorp has added drift detection to Terraform Cloud, but can it do more?

Broadcom Buying VMware

27 May 2022

Assuming the deal goes through, VMware will become a cash cow for Broadcom, and Broadcom will milk it to death.

Ransomware Is Coming For Your Backups

18 May 2022

Ransomware isn’t going away, and solid backups are still your best option when, not if, you get hit.

Red Hat Focuses on Domesticated Open Source

16 May 2022

Red Hat insists on talking about innovation more than actually innovating at Red Hat Summit 2022.

Apica For Complex Load Testing and Monitoring

5 May 2022

Apica is what I wanted to use back in the early 2000s but it didn’t exist yet.

Nasuni’s Object File System Puzzles Me

29 April 2022

Trying to work out why using object storage makes Nasuni enterprise file storage better.

SIOS High Availability Software

21 April 2022

SIOS is a good option for old-school style clustering and failover software for 2- and 3-node SQLServer and SAP clusters.

Kasten is the Cure for Container Chaos

20 April 2022

Kasten is a solution to a problem that shouldn’t exist, but does because people are terrible.

3-Tier Cloud Native Architectures

6 April 2022

We advocate for a three tier cloud native architecture that embraces the benefits of cloud native techniques where it makes sense to do so but also retains existing, proven approaches to data storage.

StormForge For Optimal Kubernetes

21 March 2022

StormForge wants to put automated Kubernets optimisation into your DevOps workflow.

Metallic’s Reverse Takeover of Commvault

18 March 2022

Metallic was just what Commvault needed to refresh itself, and now it’s going to take over the whole company.

Pulumi Goes Business Critical

7 March 2022

Pulumi launches a business critical tier for 24x7 enterprise customers of its infrastructure automation software.

NetApp’s Ongoing Reinvention

2 March 2022

NetApp continues its reinvention into a cloud services portfolio company, which is still very much a work-in-progress.