WebAssembly Startup Fermyon Releases Spin 1.0 For Serverless WASM

22 March 2023

Spin version 1.0 provides added language support, a built in key-value store, support for OCI package registries and external SQL databases.

Folio Photonics Wants To Kill HDDs With Film

1 September 2022

Folio Photonics has a fancy new storage media that it believes can kill off active archives that currently live on hard disks.

Backblaze Launches S3 Compatible API With Veeam, Quantum, and More

5 May 2020

Consumer backup target and cheap storage company Backblaze has added an S3 compatible API to its B2 product.

Commvault Initiates Patent Infringement Litigation Against Cohesity and Rubrik

21 April 2020

Commvault has filed paperwork with the Delaware District Court today alleging that competitors Cohesity and Rubrik have each infringed on six of Commvault’s patents.

Collaboration Software Startup Clubhouse Grows 233% In Six Months

30 March 2020

In a field awash with alternatives like Asana, Jira, and Trello, collaboration software startup Clubhouse has decided to focus on building a fast tool that works well for product and engineering teams in high-growth companies.

HashiCorp Wants To Be The Next VMware

6 February 2020

Infrastructure automation company HashiCorp wants to become the next VMware and is gearing up to expand its enterprise sales machine with new hire Brandon Sweeney as Chief Revenue Officer.

Dawn Of The New Commvault?

4 February 2020

Commvault has had a tough few years but there are early signs that its attempt at a refresh may be starting to work.

GitHub Seeks Security Dominance With Developers

19 November 2019

GitHub has decided to make a play for being a one-stop-shop for all things code security with a series of announcements made at its annual GitHub Universe conference.

Google Acquires CloudSimple To Bring VMware Customers To Its Cloud

18 November 2019

CloudSimple is currently the main mechanism for running VMware on Azure and GCP, while VMware on AWS is jointly engineered between VMware and AWS.

Commvault Launches New SaaS Offering Called Metallic

20 October 2019

Commvault has launched a new SaaS offering called Metallic.

Backups The New Malware Target

8 October 2019

Arcserve and Sophos have joined forces to fight malware targeting backups.

Druva, Cohesity Crow About Independent Research Results

16 September 2019

Forrester’s 2019 Wave™ for Data Resiliency Solutions is out, but it’s weird.

HyperConverged Infrastructure Is Now Just A Feature

14 September 2019

HyperConverged Infrastructure (HCI) has finally faded into the background as just another form factor rather than a unique selling point.

Docker Not Doomed?

13 September 2019

Docker may not be doomed, but it still needs to solve its Other People’s Money problem.

Commvault Buys Hedvig For $225 Million To Take On Secondary Startups

9 September 2019

Commvault announced on Wednesday 4 September that it will purchase Hedvig for $225 million total consideration. $225 million represents a roughly 4.3x multiple on the $52 million raised by Hedvig so far (according to Crunchbase).

VMware Returns To Its Roots At VMworld 2019

6 September 2019

This year’s VMworld was a return to form for VMware. By returning to its roots, VMware is building a strong foundation for future growth.

What Is Developer Relations?

18 August 2019

There’s a hot new job role in cloud and enterprise vendors called Developer Relations, or DevRel for short, but what is it about?

Clumio Launches As Enterprise Backup-as-a-Service With $51 Million In Funding

17 August 2019

Clumio launched its enterprise-focused backup-as-a-service offering with $51 million in funding from two funding rounds.

ClearSky Data Expands To Meet Demand At The Edge

16 August 2019

Cloud storage-as-a-service company ClearSky Data is expanding its footprint to meet the demand for Edge Computing workloads.

Forcepoint Says Boards Are Unprepared For Human Centered Security

6 June 2019

Boards have finally awoken to the challenge of IT and cyber-security risk. Unfortunately, many of them are are discovering that they don't have the governance structures in place to effectively deal with the issues, even as risks are being realised on a near daily basis throughout the world.

Highlights From MS Build

29 May 2019

Microsoft Logo Now that the dust has settled on Microsoft's annual Build conference, let's take a look at what has survived the initial press release hype and is worth paying attention to.

Cohesity Acquires Imanis Data

8 May 2019

Cohesity has acquired Imanis Data for an undisclosed sum.

Atlassian Gets Political With Renewable Energy Push

10 April 2019

Atlassian has pledged to obtain 100% of its energy from renewable sources by 2025.

CTERA Partners With HPE For X Series Hyperconverged Infrastructure For Edge Computing

19 March 2019

CTERA hopes to grow into the edge with its X Series appliance based on SimpliVity by HPE.

Cisco Waits For World To Catch Up To Its Strategy

13 March 2019

Cisco didn’t change as quickly as people wanted, but that turned out to be the right choice all along.

Cohesity Says Bring Your Apps To The Data

4 March 2019

Cohesity wants you to bring apps to your data as it launches an application marketplace for its secondary storage platform.

LightStep Adds Distributed Tracing For All

4 March 2019

Distributing tracing company LightStep releases LightStep Tracing product for individual teams.

Monitoring Customer Data With Machine Learning

25 February 2019

Companies looking to use AI and machine learning on customer data could learn a thing or two from storage vendors.

Kubernetes Culture Change

31 January 2019

Moving to Kubernetes will require a big culture shift, and cloud shows most organisations aren’t ready.

Service Mesh Is Super Hot. Why?

19 December 2018

Service mesh is a hot cloud native technology, but it’s complex and confusing right now. Justin Warren tries to explain some of the concepts.

ClearSky Data Raises $20 Million To Fuel Expansion

26 November 2018

Storage-as-a-Service vendor ClearSky Data raises $20 million to fund its expansion across the USA.

GitHub Foreshadows Automated Security Fixes

2 November 2018

GitHub is quietly assembling all the components for automatically fixing security flaws in open source code.

Scalyr Helps Periscope Data Scale Up

31 October 2018

Periscope Data uses log management platform Scalyr to monitor its infrastructure and help it scale.

GitHub’s Actions Challenge Traditional CI Vendors

26 October 2018

GitHub Actions brings event driven code pipelines to the masses, but what will happen to CI/CD vendors?

Spiceworks Ecosystem Shows The Power Of A Market Orientation

17 October 2018

Spiceworld 2018 showcased vendors in the mid-market with more of a market orientation than what we usually see at big tech conferences.

Spiceworks Adds Machine Learning To Supercharge IT Marketplace

15 October 2018

Spiceworks is adding machine-learning to its IT marketplace to supercharge its ability to match buyers and sellers.

Imanis Data Seeks To Automate NoSQL Backups

8 October 2018

Imanis Data brings the power of machine learning to data protection of NoSQL databases.

GitHub Foreshadows Big Open Source Announcements at GitHub Universe

12 September 2018

GitHub foreshadows major open source related announcements at upcoming GitHub Universe conference.

Amazon RDS on VMware Proves Enterprise Cloud Is A State Of Mind

7 September 2018

Amazon RDS on VMware proves that enterprise cloud is a state of mind, not a location.

Cloud Maturity Brings Efficiency Focus

10 July 2018

Success in cloud can be expensive and optimizing spend without compromising on performance is tricky. Densify hopes its software tools can help organizations to find the right answers.

HashiCorp Takes Security Up A Level With Consul Connect

26 June 2018

HashiCorp adds security features to Consul in a bid to take security-at-scale to a higher level of abstraction.

Bloomberg Eschews Vendors For Direct Kubernetes Involvement

21 June 2018

Bloomberg has chosen to invest in Kubernetes skills rather than rely on external vendors or managed Kubernetes services.

Forcepoint Puts Humans At The Center Of Security

19 June 2018

Balancing privacy with user behaviour monitoring is a tricky problem, but it’s one that Forcepoint is tackling head-on.

Pure Accelerates Its Path To Profits

21 May 2018

The growth of AI, machine learning, and all things analytics bode well for Pure Storage. Can it turn a profit soon?

Veeam Gears Up For Enterprise Growth

16 May 2018

Veeam alters its pitch to enterprise customers and tries to sell the C-suite on its vision of the future.

Microsoft Builds On AI Development At The Edge

9 May 2018

At Build 2018, Microsoft is trying woo developers to choose Azure everywhere because where developers go, customers follow.

NetApp Finds Its Cloud Feet

25 April 2018

NetApp appears to have turned the corner and finally found a solid story to tell about its cloud plans.

Droplet Computing Makes The Browser The Computer

17 April 2018

Droplet Computing have used WebAssembly to turn your browser into a computer that can run any old application.

Microsoft Makes Clear Play For Mission Critical Cloud

10 April 2018

Microsoft open new Azure regions for Australian government data. Is this a new front in the cloud wars?

A Quick Look At Pivotal’s S-1

27 March 2018

Justin takes a quick look at Pivotal’s S-1 filing, and likes what he sees!

Liquidware Bets On Cloud-Based Virtual Desktops

26 February 2018

Liquidware is partnering up with the major cloud vendors to manage virtual desktops in the cloud.

Ex-Yahoo Cloud VP Preeti Somal Joins HashiCorp

29 January 2018

Ex-Yahoo VP of Cloud Services, Preeti Somal, has joined HashiCorp as VP of Engineering.

Cadence Chooses Platform9 For High Performance Computing Infrastructure Management

5 January 2018

Semi-conductor tools company Cadence chooses Platform9 for private cloud management.

Kasten Launches With K10 and Kanister For Kubernetes

6 December 2017

Kasten launches at KubeCon US 2017 with its K10 container data management platform and open source Kanister framework.

Stratoscale Launches Chorus As On-Site AWS

22 November 2017

Ahead of AWS re:Invent, Stratoscale launches Chorus to give you a suite of AWS compatible services on your own site.

LightStep Launches With [x]PM For Complex Application Performance Monitoring

14 November 2017

Ex-Googlers launch performance monitoring startup LightStep with $29 million in funding from Redpoint, Sequoia, and others.

Schneider Electric Wants To Power The Digital Future

23 October 2017

Schneider Electric wants to be a powerhouse in the world of IoT.

Commvault Says Game On With New Hyperscale Appliance

19 October 2017

Commvault’s new HyperScale product embraces the scale-out approach of Rubrik and Cohesity. How long will the others take to catch up?

Scale Computing Gets Cloudy With Google

28 September 2017

Scale Computing has partnered with Google to launch Cloud Unity, connecting on-site HCI clusters with ones in the cloud.

Manifold Launches With Developer Services Marketplace

28 September 2017

Manifold launches from stealth with a $15 million series A to tackle the third party application services management problem.

X-IO Brings The Cloud To The Edge With Portable Axellio

13 September 2017

X-IO bring the cloud to the edge with a Portable Axellio appliance that fits in two suitcases.

BMC Says Enterprises Need Tools To Manage Multi-Cloud

12 September 2017

BMC Software adds multi-cloud features to Discover product for IT supply-chain management.

VMworld 2017: All Things HCI

12 September 2017

Justin summarises his HCI findings from VMworld US 2017.

Tech of VMworld 2017: Data Protection

7 September 2017

Justin looks at the secondary data companies dominating VMworld this year.

Tech of VMworld 2017: Monitoring

6 September 2017

Justin recounts his VMworld 2017 highlights for monitoring and management software.

VMware Gets Its Mojo Back At VMworld 2017

30 August 2017

VMware has stopped apologizing for existing and has gotten its mojo back.

Gigamon Remakes Itself For Cloud

24 August 2017

Gigamon wants to become the Visibility Platform for cloud, but what does that look like?

Microsoft To Launch Secure Azure Regions For Australian Government

14 August 2017

Microsoft has announced that it is going to open two new highly-secure Azure regions in Canberra, Australia.

NetApp Still Figuring Out How To Cloud

4 August 2017

NetApp is working hard to figure out how to stay relevant in a world obsessed with the cloud.

Rubrik Releases Alta, Goes After $48 Billion TAM

23 June 2017

Rubrik has added a whole bunch of functionality in its latest 4.0 release, codenamed Alta.

Pure Storage Charts A Course To The Future Of Big Data

13 June 2017

Pure Storage has unveiled a massive set of new functionality for its FlashArray, FlashBlade, and cloud based Pure1 monitoring platform at its annual Accelerate conference.

Fast Failure Of Imagination

29 May 2017

Failing fast should be about learning new lessons, not repeating the failures of the past.

Veeam’s co-CEO Structure Explained

20 May 2017

Veeam’s co-CEO structure makes it more like a luxury brand than a technology company, and this structure should probably be more common than it is.

Veeam Goes Hard After The Enterprise

17 May 2017

Veeam is aggressively going after the enterprise as it transitions from an SMB focused company. But it risks losing its soul in the process.

Animal Logic Chooses Its Own Datacenter Over Cloud

11 May 2017

Animal Logic chose to stay with its own Schneider Electric supplied data center instead of going to cloud, and for good reasons.

Rubrik Partners With Pure Storage For Flashy Blade Backups

21 April 2017

Data protection startup Rubrik announces integration with Pure Storage FlashBlade.

Pure Storage Shows Off R&D Spend On New DirectFlash

13 April 2017

Pure Storage release new NVMe based FlashArray and posts solid financials.

The Human Point Of Cyber Security

6 April 2017

How do we deal with the human element of cyber security without losing our souls?

SwiftStack Cosies Up To Google, Goes Multi-Cloud

8 March 2017

SwiftStack collaborates with Google to promote its multi-cloud approach to object storage.

Jay Fry Leaves New Relic To Head HashiCorp Marketing

23 February 2017

Jay Fry leaves New Relic to join HashiCorp as head of marketing.

Containers Are The New App Servers

21 February 2017

Parallels between the new world of containers and the old worlds of VDI and hyper-converged infrastructure.

DigitalOcean Adds Load Balancers

21 February 2017

Justin takes a look at DigitalOcean’s new Load Balancer feature.

Data Control In A Multi-Cloud World

27 January 2017

Do you control who can access your data, where and when? To design modern IT systems, it’s a question you need to answer.

Australian Government Fails At IT Again

17 January 2017

Centrelink’s data matching program is the latest in a run of IT related failures for the Australian government.

Physical Space In The Time Of Clouds

14 December 2016

Clouds run on physical hardware, but where does it live?

Containers Are The Future But The Future Isn’t Finished

16 November 2016

Containers are the future, but there is still a lot of work to be done to make them good.

Bimodal Considered Harmful

25 October 2016

Gartner’s Bimodal approach is obviously flawed, so what should you use instead?

IoT Security Is A Mess That Will Take An Age To Fix

21 October 2016

The IoT security nightmare will take an age to fix, and we may not have that long.

Integrated Dell EMC Hits The Ground Running

21 October 2016

Dell EMC presented a surprisingly united front at Dell EMC World 2016 in Austin, TX.

The Point Of Docker Is More Than Containers

16 October 2016

The value of Docker is in what it enables, not the technology itself.

DigitalOcean Hatches New Startup Incubator

8 September 2016

DigitalOcean announce a new incubator called Hatch for its community of startups.

VMware Bets On Legacy Cloud

31 August 2016

VMware bets that companies will want to embrace cloud using existing techniques, but will it work?

VMworld 2016: Is It Still A Thing?

27 August 2016

Will we see a rejuvenated cloud strategy from VMware at VMworld 2016?

Nutanix Purchase Price For PernixData Revealed?

17 August 2016

It looks like we now know how much Nutanix is paying for PernixData.

Actiance Gains Ex-Credit Suisse Techo As CTO

17 August 2016

Anthony West joins Actiance as CTO from Credit Suisse.

Tech Companies Abuse NPS And Hope Customers Don’t Notice

15 August 2016

Tech companies are using Net Promoter Score wrong because they don’t know what it is.

Cloud Hangs Over IBM After Australian Census Catastrophe

10 August 2016

The IBM designed system for the Australian Census 2016 has failed in spectacular fashion.

David McJannet Joins HashiCorp As CEO

10 August 2016

David McJannet joins HashiCorp from Greylock Partners as CEO.

Privacy Furore As Australians Prepare For Census

4 August 2016

The ABS mishandling of the 2016 census may have damaged the trust Australians once had in the institution.

DigitalOcean Boasts 700,000 Users, Disses Other Clouds

3 August 2016

DigitalOcean is on a mission to be the default choice for developers, and so far it seems to be working.

Gridstore Becomes HyperGrid as HCI Market Crunch Continues

28 July 2016

Gridstore becomes HyperGrid as HCI market crunch continues.

Cisco Collaborates With SwiftStack For Object Storage

14 July 2016

OpenStack lives! SwiftStack has partnered with Cisco in a collaboration that brings SwiftStack’s object storage into Cisco’s Metapod.

Nutanix Opens A War On Multiple Fronts With New Product Features

21 June 2016

Nutanix releases the latest and greatest version of its software, but can it make the transition from startup to grownup?

Nutanix Financials And What Comes .NEXT

20 June 2016

The Nutanix financials tell a good story, but why hasn’t the company gone public yet?

SolidFire Aims To Make CapEx Great Again

7 June 2016

SolidFire want to make CapEx great again with its FlashForward Capacity Licensing model.

Nutanix On Collision Course With SMB HCI Vendors

26 May 2016

Nutanix goes down-market to target SMB, but will the split in focus undermine profitability?

Hiding From The Hackers: The Complexity Of Keeping Your Data Safe

13 April 2016

News broke in my homeland of Australia today that the Australian Federal Police (AFP) attempted to identify the sources of Guardian Australia journalist Paul Farrel by accessing his so-called metadata.

Micro-Sprawl: How To Manage the Coming Microservices Explosion?

29 March 2016

Shippable believes the future is containers and micro-services, and that someone will need to manage the sprawl.

Pure Storage Goes After NetApp’s Lunch With New FlashBlade

14 March 2016

Pure Storage launch a new product line, the FlashBlade, aimed at customers who want fast, dense, NFS addressable flash.

Diablo Technologies Makes Memory Cheap With Memory1

11 March 2016

Diablo Technologies makes cheap and deep memory possible with Memory1.

Equinix Says Hybrid Cloud Is The Future

9 March 2016

Equinix Global CIO Brian Lillie says hybrid cloud is the right choice for enterprises for the foreseeable future, and Equinix announces a Facebook collaboration.

Is Microsoft About To Bring PowerShell To Linux?

8 March 2016

Could Microsoft be about to bring PowerShell to Linux as the One True Scripting Language?

Platform9 Makes Private Cloud Easy

7 March 2016

Infrastructure startup Platform9 wants to make private cloud easy.

Pure Storage Posts Strong Q4 Numbers Post IPO

2 March 2016

Pure Storage has posted strong financial numbers in its first reported fiscal quarter since IPO.

Everyone Is A Leader In Following The Herd

23 February 2016

Every company is a leader in something these days. Which means none of them are.

Illumio Shines a Light On Enterprise Security

17 February 2016

Illimio brings central policy control to host-based firewall. Why aren’t we already doing this?

Nutanix Gunning for VMware Customers With App Mobility Fabric

16 February 2016

Nutanix is blatantly going after VMware’s customers with its latest AOS 6.2 software release.

SolidFire Now Officially Part Of NetApp

2 February 2016

NetApp has completed its purchase of scale-out all-flash array vendor SolidFire.

Datical Raise $8 Million To Bring Agile to Databases

27 January 2016

Datical raise $8 million to bring Agile continuous integration techniques to database land.

Walmart Makes It Easier To Switch Clouds With OneOps

26 January 2016

The latest shot in the cloud wars is Walmart open sourcing OneOps, to help customers switch clouds whenever they like.

Dell Releases OS 10 for the Open Networking Era

20 January 2016

Dell has released its latest networking operating system, OS10, designed to decouple the software from the hardware.

JFrog Raises $50 Million To Provide The App Store For The Internet Of Things

20 January 2016

DevOps software maker JFrog has raised $50 million series C to fund growth.

Tinbapore Malware Targets APAC Banks, Customers

19 January 2016

Security vendor F5 detect new Tinba banking trojan variant, dubbed Tinbapore.

Atlantis Goes ROBO With New CX-4 Hyper-Converged Product

13 January 2016

Atlantis Computing target mid-market ROBO deployments with new CX-4 hyper-converged offering.

Veeam Hunts Enterprise Customers With Availability Suite v9

12 January 2016

Veeam continues to aggressively target enterprise customers in its hunt for $1 billion in revenue by 2018.

NetApp Officially More Than ONTAP

7 January 2016

NetApp’s SolidFire acquisition is CEO George Kurian’s clearest signal yet that the future of NetApp is about much more than DataONTAP.

Nutanix To Go Public In 2016, Files S-1 With SEC

22 December 2015

Nutanix files S-1 in preparation for IPO early in 2016.

NetApp Acquires SolidFire For $870 Million

21 December 2015

NetApp to acquire scale-out flash storage startup SolidFire for $870 million in cash.

Perishable Data From The Internet Of Things

10 December 2015

Processing Internet of Things data at the edge, in real time, will show you a world you’ve never seen before.

Is Cloud The New Outsourcing?

29 November 2015

Is moving to the cloud the new IT outsourcing? And are we making all the same mistakes?

Nutanix Partners With Ravello Systems To Bring Community Edition To All

17 November 2015

Nutanix and RavelloSystems team up to making testing Nutanix software easy with Nutanix Community Edition on RavelloSystems cloud lab platform.

Netflix Releases Spinnaker, Goes Multi-Cloud With Google, Microsoft

16 November 2015

Netflix goes multi-cloud, partners with Google, Microsoft, and Pivotal to release Spinnaker, an open source multi-cloud Continuous Delivery platform.

Nutanix Hedge Their Bets With Lenovo Deal

4 November 2015

Nutanix, the hard-charging hyper-converged infrastructure company, has announced a strategic partnership with PC and server maker Lenovo. The partnership involves Lenovo and Nutanix jointly developing a new family of Lenovo appliances that will use Nutanix software, which will be sold by a dedicated global sales team, Lenovo channel partners worldwide, and Lenovo’s enterprise sales team.

ClearSky Data Raise $27 Million For Cloud Storage Service

2 November 2015

ClearSky Data want to turn data storage into a utility service you rent from the cloud, but which is nevertheless available everywhere you are. It’s an ambitious goal.

What Is Dell’s Cloud Strategy?

23 October 2015

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out Dell’s cloud strategy at DellWorld over the past few days. I think I might have figured it out, but I’m not really sure.

Dell’s Chad Fenner Highlights The Changeable Life of Servers

20 October 2015

Dell is moving their fleet of options to match customer demand. A few weeks ago I caught up with Chad Fenner, Director of Server Product Dell to talk about what customers are doing with servers in an era of cloud and hyper-converged options.

Dell Says The Future Of IoT Is At The Edge

20 October 2015

DellWorld-2015-Logo At Dell Edge Gateway 5000 series. Designed to collect and process sensor data at the edge of the network, the Edge Gateway is essentially a server with extra I/O options such as RS-422 serial interfaces and 802.

Dell Announce High-End Storage and Compute for Sub-Hyper-Scale

20 October 2015

Dell has announced a series of new products in the newly formed Datacenter Scalable Solution line of business at Dell’s annual tech fest, DellWorld, held in home town Austin, Texas.

Pure Storage IPO: A Look Back

17 October 2015

Pure Storage had their IPO a couple of weeks ago, and I’d like to look at it now that most people have moved on to whatever shiny object will capture their attention for the next twelve seconds.

Analysis: Dell To Buy EMC For $67 Billion

12 October 2015

The news is everywhere, and has been for days: VMware currently trades as. Background The implications and details of this deal are legion, and there is a wealth of detail out there, good and bad, so I’ll point you at the commentary I think is most worth bothering with rather than re-hash the same stuff here.

Dell Wants To Build The Network Hypervisor

7 October 2015

Dell believes the future of networking will mirror that of compute: software defined, virtualized, and based on standards. A couple of weeks ago I spoke with Adnan Bhutta, Dell’s vision for the future of networking involves a de-coupling of physical hardware from software, and that cloud attitudes are driving much of the change.

Pure Storage IPO Date: 7 October 2015

2 October 2015

Pure Storage have announced their IPO date as 7 October 2015, according to Chris Mellor over at The Register. I know and respect Chris, and you should take the time to read his article, which provides a good summary of the market in recent years, and how IPOs have performed.

Maxta Choose Customer Choice For Hyper-Converged

1 October 2015

Hyper-converged purveyor Maxta have been listening carefully to what their customers of the past two years have been saying, and they want choice. A major appeal of hyper-converged offerings is simplicity: simple to buy, simple to use, at least when compared with build-your-own or reference architecture style systems.

HashiCorp Completes Portfolio of DevOps Tools with Otto and Nomad

28 September 2015

HashiCorp today announced the availability of the final two parts of their suite of DevOps workflow tools, Otto and Nomad, completing a multi-year journey to provide a set of tools for developers and operators of the modern datacenter.

AWS Outage Doesn’t Change Anything

20 September 2015

If the latest AWS outage changes anything in your approach to cloud adoption, then you’re doing it wrong. This is not the first AWS outage (I first wrote about one in 2011, back when I had hair), nor will it be the last.

Commvault Struggles With Brand Message

18 September 2015

Commvault have struggled for some time with a consistent, simple marketing message for the company and its products. In conversation with various Commvault representatives over the past couple of years, I’ve understood that Commvault wants to be more than just a backup company, but when asked about what, exactly, that means, the conversation has drifted back to how great the company’s backup products are.

FalconStor Says Virtual Storage Is Coming

18 September 2015

For all the hype about Software Defined Storage, and the many vendors purporting to offer it, the reality is that most organisations still have storage hardware.

HashiCorp Adds Support For VMware vCloud Air

6 September 2015

If you’ve been watching the developer/enterprise overlap that is in full swing, you may well have heard of Vagrant, and its eponymous vagrant up command. What you may not know (as I did not until this week) is that the company behind Vagrant is called HashiCorp, and they have a lot of other tools they want you to use.

Storage Dominates VMworld Once Again

3 September 2015

Storage companies once again dominated the show floor at VMware’s big annual conference, VMworld. Held for the last time in San Francisco before moving to Las Vegas next year, VMworld was full of storage startups vying for attention from the assembled enterprise technology crowd.

Velostrata Exits Stealth Mode With $14 million Series A

26 August 2015

Velostrata emerged from stealth today, announcing a beta version of their product which brings WAN acceleration to the virtual machine. The company announced a $14 million series A funding round, with funding from Norwest Venture Partners and Greylock Partners.

The Rise Of The Small Independent Conference

24 August 2015

VMworld, arguably the main attraction of the yearly conference season in enterprise technology, starts in just under a week in San Francisco. Attending the yearly event has become something of pilgrimage for enterprise technology people keen to meet up with like-minded folk.

Chuck Hollis Departs VMware For Oracle

22 August 2015

Oracle on Monday, reporting to Executive Vice-President of converged infrastructure Dave Donatelli. Hollis announced the news on his blog, saying that after 21 years in the Oracle earlier this year from HP.

Experts Weigh In on Pure Storage IPO Prospects

21 August 2015

The forthcoming IPO of Pure Storage is highly anticipated by those of us who follow the storage industry closely. The valuations assigned to companies prior to IPO are based on what a very few people, its early stage investors, believe the company is worth.

Flashy Startup Pure Storage Files for IPO

12 August 2015

Pure Storage FlashArray//m Pure Storage, a Silicon Valley based startup that sells flash-based enterprise storage arrays, [announced that it has filed its S-1 with the SEC][1], firing the starter's pistol on its run to an IPO.

Intel and Micron 3D XPoint Memory Kicks Off A Revolution

28 July 2015

Storage industry watchers, start your engines. Earlier today, Intel and Micron announced that they’ve cracked a way to make a new kind of storage. Partway between NAND Flash (the kind found in everything from your cellphone to expensive ‘all flash’ storage arrays) and RAM (the memory devices found in pretty much anything with a computer chip), this new type of storage is fundamentally and dramatically better than anything else we’ve seen in decades.

Dell Lowers Cost of Flash With Mainstream Read-Intensive SSDs

20 July 2015

Dell are calling this variety of flash Mainstream Read-Intensive drives, and claim to be the first to support these drives in enterprise storage arrays. Dell plans to add other drive manufacturers as their drives are tested and validated.

Flash Not Reducing Data Center Footprints

16 July 2015

Flash storage isn’t having much impact on data center footprints in the real world. In speaking to a lot of data center providers lately, I threw in a question about infrastructure densities.

Windows 2003 Deadline Highlights IT’s Maintenance Issues

12 July 2015

Death to Projects! Dell released a poll report and white paper today, together with analyst firm Telsyte, which surveyed businesses in Australia and New Zealand on their approach to Windows Server version management.

The Container Revolution: Much Ado About Nothing?

6 July 2015

The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Data Centre Containers are, broadly speaking, a codified way of ensuring that your IT people never get too attached to their servers.