Security Is Too Hard, But Lucrative

27 February 2023

Cyber security is a rolling binfire, but it’s also quite lucrative, so who can say if it’s good or bad?

Buy or DIY?

20 February 2023

Stasi 2.0, GoDaddy is pwned, firings, hirings, and chip fab stylings

The Crux No. 31: Accessible Scaffolding

13 February 2023

VMware turns 25, IBM buys StepZen, and Google loses $100 billion with crappy AI.

Canaries with credit cards

30 January 2023

Watermelons, legal musings, and AI hypemonsters abound, but we can trap them with canary credit cards.

Reversion to the Mean

23 January 2023

Tech companies are firing a lot of people, hackers are making people unhappy, and generative AI is getting sued.

Cold Cyberwar

28 November 2022

Hacking things is too easy, but Bluey is here to make things better.