HashiCorp and the Rise of Platform Engineering

24 October 2022

Platform engineering is an emerging category term and HashiCorp is well placed to capitalise on the trend.

Positioning Against

20 September 2022

If I’m struggling with positioning, I find it useful to position against something else, at least as an exercise.

Melty Clouds

25 July 2022

Clouds don’t like climate change either, and infosec continues to burn brightly.

Object First Launches with Backup Optimised Object Storage for Veeam

28 June 2022

Veeam co-founders Ratmir Timashev and Andrei Baronov have launched Object First to provide an on-site object storage appliance specifically for Veeam backup data in the mid-enterprise.

Red Hat Focuses on Domesticated Open Source

16 May 2022

Red Hat insists on talking about innovation more than actually innovating at Red Hat Summit 2022.

Solving Marketing Problems With Perceptual Fingerprints

17 February 2021

An introduction to PivotNine’s Perceptual Fingerprint™ technique for analyzing product/market fit.

Position Your Company By Writing Down What You Know

19 January 2021

Try to write down your current positioning. You’ll flush out a lot of problems in the process.

Position Based Decision Making

15 January 2021

Finding a strong position for your company helps everyone to make better decisions.