HashiCorp and the Rise of Platform Engineering

24 October 2022

Platform engineering is an emerging category term and HashiCorp is well placed to capitalise on the trend.

Commvault Releases Metallic ThreatWise To Detect Threats To Your Data Early

21 September 2022

Data protection vendor Commvault has released Metallic Threatwise, a SaaS add-onfor Metallic that detects intruders when they first enter the environment.

Folio Photonics Wants To Kill HDDs With Film

1 September 2022

Folio Photonics has a fancy new storage media that it believes can kill off active archives that currently live on hard disks.

Pure Storage and Whole Portfolio Management

19 July 2022

Pure Storage should strengthen the alignment of its products under the one common brand.

Broadcom Buying VMware

27 May 2022

Assuming the deal goes through, VMware will become a cash cow for Broadcom, and Broadcom will milk it to death.

StormForge For Optimal Kubernetes

21 March 2022

StormForge wants to put automated Kubernets optimisation into your DevOps workflow.

The IT Tyrant Test

15 February 2022

The IT Tyrant Test is simple: What if Terraform decided to be evil today?

VMware’s Developer Play

9 February 2022

The change in marketing leadership at VMware indicates that the company has had enough of trying to convince developers to get interested in infrastructure and wants to try a different approach.

Lockpicks For Lock-In

3 February 2022

Lock-in is just over-hyped switching costs so what’s really going on here?

CTERA Global File Sharing With Modern Security

1 February 2022

CTERA’s global filesystem is designed for secure, distributed data sharing in a multi- and hybrid-cloud world.

Tape Lives! At Fujifilm

31 January 2022

Fujifilm has a new (-ish) product called Fujifilm Object Archive that they showed off to use at Storage Field Day 22. It’s basically AWS Glacier but for inside your datacentre.

Intel’s Support For FIDO Device Onboarding

24 January 2022

Intel reckons the new FIDO Device Onboard standard will make secure IoT device configuration easy.

Cohesity Unveils Three-Pronged Threat Defense Architecture

20 October 2021

Cohesity unveils its latest three offerings to help customers combat ransomware and better protect their data.

Pulumi Launches Package Registry to Ease Infrastructure Automation

19 October 2021

Pulumi has announced a central package registry to help customers find packages that integrate with the cloud infrastructure components customers are using.

VMware Project Cascade: The Future of VMware

18 October 2021

Can VMware merge traditional IT ops with Kubernetes?

VMworld 2021: A Strategic Overview: Multi-Cloud All The Things

13 October 2021

VMware has chosen multi-cloud as the central core of its strategy, and it is using a lot of confusing all-things-to-all-people messaging in trying to sell this strategy.

Pure Storage Portworx Data Services

28 September 2021

Portworx Data Services promises a t-shirt size picklist of databases as a service. But will customers use it properly?

Building Your Early Stage Content Strategy

25 February 2021

Build your early stage content strategy by working backwards from the customer.

Solving Marketing Problems With Perceptual Fingerprints

17 February 2021

An introduction to PivotNine’s Perceptual Fingerprint™ technique for analyzing product/market fit.

Morpheus Spends Well With Others

14 October 2020

The cost visibility and spend control aspect of Morpheus are very impressive and worth your time.

Pure Storage Highlights Challenge of Cloud Infrastructure for Enterprises

13 October 2020

Adding a Pure Storage FlashArray to VMware Cloud Foundation can make your system more flexible and cloud-like.

Pure Storage and Cohesity Join Forces With New FlashRecover Offering

12 August 2020

Pure Storage and Cohesity have announced a jointly-engineered offering called FlashRecover, Powered by Cohesity that pairs Pure’s FlashBlade arrays with Cohesity software to provide a rapid recovery option for customers.

Private and Secure Overlay Networking with Tempered AirWall

17 June 2020

Tempered’s AirWall provides a backwards-compatible overlay network that is secure and private thanks to Host Identity Protocol. It’s the future of networking.

Juniper’s Active Network Defence Concept

16 June 2020

Juniper wants to turn the entire network into an AI/ML-driven active defence system. But are we ready?

PathSolutions Security Operations Manager Helps Humans Find Security Gremlins

28 May 2020

PathSolutions Security Operations Manager looks like a solid option for mid-market firms that want an all-purpose security tool.

VMware Adds Distributed IPS/IDS to NSX

27 May 2020

VMware has added distributed IPS/IDS to NSX, but is it ready for real-world operations?

SolarWinds Joins The Cloud APM Game

25 May 2020

SolarWinds is joining up its cloud monitoring options into a suite of tools. But can it remain relevant?

Pensando Expands What SmartNIC Offloads Can Do

18 May 2020

Pensando have created a P4 programmable SmartNIC with distributed management capabilities. But who will buy them?

DR to VMware Cloud on AWS with Site Recovery Manager

12 May 2020

VMware has added DR capabilities to VMware Cloud on AWS with Site Recovery Manager support.

VMware Makes Kubernetes Even More So With Tanzu

11 May 2020

VMware has added Kubernetes capabilities to vSphere and elsewhere, but ease-of-use remains elusive.

Pure Storage Extends TAM with New Capacity Optimised Array

31 October 2019

The Pure Storage FlashArray//C extends Pure Storage’s reach down-market and threatens hybrid arrays.

Pure Storage Adds Optane-Based DirectMemory Blades to FlashArray//X

4 October 2019

Pure Storage has extended its FlashArray//X product line with new Optane-based DirectMemory.