Reversion to the Mean

23 January 2023

Tech companies are firing a lot of people, hackers are making people unhappy, and generative AI is getting sued.

Slow Down

9 January 2023

Slow down to do things well, read some research, and change your password manager.

Turn off broken stuff

15 August 2022

Infosec is still on fire, but there are new acronyms to help put it out.

Time travel only goes one way

8 August 2022

State of the cloud news, tech company markets movements, plus a bunch of chip fab news.

Systems doing what they do

1 August 2022

A bunch of wailing about financial earnings, Intel winning and losing, Amazon having another go at healthcare, and Alibaba pulling back.

Quantum of Anti-Trust

18 July 2022

Lots of (in)security news, valuation shenanigans, and a smidgen of antitrust.