WebAssembly Startup Fermyon Releases Spin 1.0 For Serverless WASM

22 March 2023

Spin version 1.0 provides added language support, a built in key-value store, support for OCI package registries and external SQL databases.

Security Is Too Hard, But Lucrative

27 February 2023

Cyber security is a rolling binfire, but it’s also quite lucrative, so who can say if it’s good or bad?

Cold Cyberwar

28 November 2022

Hacking things is too easy, but Bluey is here to make things better.

Turn off broken stuff

15 August 2022

Infosec is still on fire, but there are new acronyms to help put it out.

Systems doing what they do

1 August 2022

A bunch of wailing about financial earnings, Intel winning and losing, Amazon having another go at healthcare, and Alibaba pulling back.


5 July 2022

Veeam founders launch Object First, GitHub CoPilot, Terraform Cloud, AI hype and a massive data breach in Shanghai.