Rubrik Partners With Pure Storage For Flashy Blade Backups

Data protection startup Rubrik has announced an integration with Pure Storage’s FlashBlade product, the first of its kind. It extends Rubrik’s integration with Pure’s existing FlashArray//M lineup.

Rubrik founder and CEO, Bipul Sinha, told me that it’s part of the two companies’ broad integration efforts. “We have over two dozen common customers, and they like the Happy Meal combination we’re able to provide,” he said.

Sinha sees Rubrik’s role as the coordination point between applications and the Pure storage. “We’re a data management company,” he said, “not a storage company.”

Rubrik provides a useful bridge between primary storage like Pure Storage and other, lower-cost storage options like cloud-based S3 storage, or platforms like Cloudian, Scality and Cleversafe. The ability to coordinate application consistent snapshots with primary storage arrays is a valuable addition to the existing functionality provided by Rubrik’s approach to data protection.

Bipul Sinha, founder and CEO of Rubrik

Bipul Sinha, Founder and CEO of Rubrik.

“As a FlashArray and FlashBlade customer, we’re excited to pair the Pure platform with Rubrik for our backup needs,” said Katie Bye, Director of Infrastructure, Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan, in a prepared statement. “The integrations with array based snapshots, combined with the ease of use of both products has greatly enhanced our operations as well as disaster recovery.”

There’s a lot to like about this combination which might escape those without experience in the technical workings of data protection, so I’ll elaborate.

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