Selection Process Consulting

Selecting a new product or process can be tricky, particularly if you have a lot of people involved in making the decision, and if it will be scrutinised by others.

We can guide you through a robust, repeatable process of product or service selection that can be defended after the fact.

We’ve all heard the stories of failed IT projects that lacked good governance, so we can help you get your projects off to the right start.

No selection can have infinite information, but we can help you to make the best decision under the available constraints, and in a way that can be defended later on.

Market Scan

We can help you perform a market scan to find the best subset of possibilities to include at the beginning.

Using our strong market understanding, built from our analysis and advisory practice, we can save you time in finding out what your options are so you don’t miss something you should have included.

Requests for Proposal

We can help you to prepare Request for Proposal documents and similar formal processes to ensure that you get quality responses from vendors. We’ve been on both sides of the process and have seen what works well, and what doesn’t.

We can save time and money for both you and the vendors by ensuring you don’t spend time on irrelevant details, and that you don’t miss something important in the process.

Defensible Decisions

Perfect information is impossible to obtain, so all decisions involve some risk. We can help you demonstrate that you followed a robust process that resulted in the right decision for you at the time, given the available information.

Be well armed for any discussion of why decisions were made, and how you can justify them, to senior managers, the board, and audit or risk committees. Strengthen your business cases and demonstrate superior IT governance.

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