• Integrated Dell EMC Hits The Ground Running

    Dell EMC presented a surprisingly united front at Dell EMC World 2016 in Austin, TX.

  • Pure Storage IPO Date: 7 October 2015

    Pure Storage held its inaugural Accelerate conference in San Francisco in 2016. (Photo: Justin Warren)

    Pure Storage have announced their IPO date as 7 October 2015, according to Chris Mellor over at The Register. I know and respect Chris, and you should take the time to read his article, which provides a good summary of the market in recent years, and how IPOs have performed. I agree with Chris that…

  • Maxta Choose Customer Choice For Hyper-Converged

    Hyper-converged purveyor Maxta have been listening carefully to what their customers of the past two years have been saying, and they want choice. A major appeal of hyper-converged offerings is simplicity: simple to buy, simple to use, at least when compared with build-your-own or reference architecture style systems. Instead, you buy a thing and use…