• NetApp Acquires SolidFire For $870 Million

    NetApp to acquire scale-out flash storage startup SolidFire for $870 million in cash.

  • Pure Storage IPO Date: 7 October 2015

    Pure Storage held its inaugural Accelerate conference in San Francisco in 2016. (Photo: Justin Warren)

    Pure Storage have announced their IPO date as 7 October 2015, according to Chris Mellor over at The Register. I know and respect Chris, and you should take the time to read his article, which provides a good summary of the market in recent years, and how IPOs have performed. I agree with Chris that…

  • Experts Weigh In on Pure Storage IPO Prospects

    The forthcoming IPO of Pure Storage is highly anticipated by those of us who follow the storage industry closely. The valuations assigned to companies prior to IPO are based on what a very few people, its early stage investors, believe the company is worth. They tend to be pretty optimistic people, because you don’t invest…