HashiCorp and the Rise of Platform Engineering

24 October 2022

Platform engineering is an emerging category term and HashiCorp is well placed to capitalise on the trend.

#1 Rebooting the Newsletter

5 July 2022

Veeam founders launch Object First, GitHub CoPilot, Terraform Cloud, AI hype and a massive data breach in Shanghai.

HashiCorp Terraform Drift Detection

22 June 2022

HashiCorp has added drift detection to Terraform Cloud, but can it do more?

HashiCorp Wants To Be The Next VMware

6 February 2020

Infrastructure automation company HashiCorp wants to become the next VMware and is gearing up to expand its enterprise sales machine with new hire Brandon Sweeney as Chief Revenue Officer.

Service Mesh Is Super Hot. Why?

19 December 2018

Service mesh is a hot cloud native technology, but it’s complex and confusing right now. Justin Warren tries to explain some of the concepts.

HashiCorp Completes Portfolio of DevOps Tools with Otto and Nomad

28 September 2015

HashiCorp today announced the availability of the final two parts of their suite of DevOps workflow tools, Otto and Nomad, completing a multi-year journey to provide a set of tools for developers and operators of the modern datacenter.

HashiCorp Adds Support For VMware vCloud Air

6 September 2015

If you’ve been watching the developer/enterprise overlap that is in full swing, you may well have heard of Vagrant, and its eponymous vagrant up command. What you may not know (as I did not until this week) is that the company behind Vagrant is called HashiCorp, and they have a lot of other tools they want you to use.