Buy or DIY?

20 February 2023

Stasi 2.0, GoDaddy is pwned, firings, hirings, and chip fab stylings

Forward Networks For Defensive Planning

3 February 2023

Forward Networks’ model of the network looks very handy for infosec blue teams to plan defenses.

Patterns All The Way Down

16 January 2023

Right-to-repair moves ahead, ChatGPT doesn’t change much, and IBM keeps making money.

Commvault Releases Metallic ThreatWise To Detect Threats To Your Data Early

21 September 2022

Data protection vendor Commvault has released Metallic Threatwise, a SaaS add-onfor Metallic that detects intruders when they first enter the environment.

Rearranging Deckchairs

11 July 2022

Lots of (in)security news, valuation shenanigans, and a smidgen of antitrust.

The IT Tyrant Test

15 February 2022

The IT Tyrant Test is simple: What if Terraform decided to be evil today?

Forcepoint Says Boards Are Unprepared For Human Centered Security

6 June 2019

Boards have finally awoken to the challenge of IT and cyber-security risk. Unfortunately, many of them are are discovering that they don't have the governance structures in place to effectively deal with the issues, even as risks are being realised on a near daily basis throughout the world.

Forcepoint Puts Humans At The Center Of Security

19 June 2018

Balancing privacy with user behaviour monitoring is a tricky problem, but it’s one that Forcepoint is tackling head-on.

X-IO Brings The Cloud To The Edge With Portable Axellio

13 September 2017

X-IO bring the cloud to the edge with a Portable Axellio appliance that fits in two suitcases.

BMC Says Enterprises Need Tools To Manage Multi-Cloud

12 September 2017

BMC Software adds multi-cloud features to Discover product for IT supply-chain management.

The Human Point Of Cyber Security

6 April 2017

How do we deal with the human element of cyber security without losing our souls?

Data Control In A Multi-Cloud World

27 January 2017

Do you control who can access your data, where and when? To design modern IT systems, it’s a question you need to answer.