Nasuni’s Object File System Puzzles Me

29 April 2022

Trying to work out why using object storage makes Nasuni enterprise file storage better.

CTERA Global File Sharing With Modern Security

1 February 2022

CTERA’s global filesystem is designed for secure, distributed data sharing in a multi- and hybrid-cloud world.

Tape Lives! At Fujifilm

31 January 2022

Fujifilm has a new (-ish) product called Fujifilm Object Archive that they showed off to use at Storage Field Day 22. It’s basically AWS Glacier but for inside your datacentre.

Backblaze Launches S3 Compatible API With Veeam, Quantum, and More

5 May 2020

Consumer backup target and cheap storage company Backblaze has added an S3 compatible API to its B2 product.

SwiftStack Cosies Up To Google, Goes Multi-Cloud

8 March 2017

SwiftStack collaborates with Google to promote its multi-cloud approach to object storage.