PathSolutions Security Operations Manager Helps Humans Find Security Gremlins

28 May 2020

PathSolutions Security Operations Manager looks like a solid option for mid-market firms that want an all-purpose security tool.

GitHub Seeks Security Dominance With Developers

19 November 2019

GitHub has decided to make a play for being a one-stop-shop for all things code security with a series of announcements made at its annual GitHub Universe conference.

Microsoft Makes Clear Play For Mission Critical Cloud

10 April 2018

Microsoft open new Azure regions for Australian government data. Is this a new front in the cloud wars?

X-IO Brings The Cloud To The Edge With Portable Axellio

13 September 2017

X-IO bring the cloud to the edge with a Portable Axellio appliance that fits in two suitcases.

BMC Says Enterprises Need Tools To Manage Multi-Cloud

12 September 2017

BMC Software adds multi-cloud features to Discover product for IT supply-chain management.

The Human Point Of Cyber Security

6 April 2017

How do we deal with the human element of cyber security without losing our souls?

Data Control In A Multi-Cloud World

27 January 2017

Do you control who can access your data, where and when? To design modern IT systems, it’s a question you need to answer.

IoT Security Is A Mess That Will Take An Age To Fix

21 October 2016

The IoT security nightmare will take an age to fix, and we may not have that long.

Actiance Gains Ex-Credit Suisse Techo As CTO

17 August 2016

Anthony West joins Actiance as CTO from Credit Suisse.