#1 Rebooting the Newsletter

5 July 2022

Veeam founders launch Object First, GitHub CoPilot, Terraform Cloud, AI hype and a massive data breach in Shanghai.

Object First Launches with Backup Optimised Object Storage for Veeam

28 June 2022

Veeam co-founders Ratmir Timashev and Andrei Baronov have launched Object First to provide an on-site object storage appliance specifically for Veeam backup data in the mid-enterprise.

Ransomware Is Coming For Your Backups

18 May 2022

Ransomware isn’t going away, and solid backups are still your best option when, not if, you get hit.

Druva, Cohesity Crow About Independent Research Results

16 September 2019

Forrester’s 2019 Wave™ for Data Resiliency Solutions is out, but it’s weird.

Imanis Data Seeks To Automate NoSQL Backups

8 October 2018

Imanis Data brings the power of machine learning to data protection of NoSQL databases.

Veeam Gears Up For Enterprise Growth

16 May 2018

Veeam alters its pitch to enterprise customers and tries to sell the C-suite on its vision of the future.

Veeam’s co-CEO Structure Explained

20 May 2017

Veeam’s co-CEO structure makes it more like a luxury brand than a technology company, and this structure should probably be more common than it is.

Veeam Goes Hard After The Enterprise

17 May 2017

Veeam is aggressively going after the enterprise as it transitions from an SMB focused company. But it risks losing its soul in the process.

Veeam Hunts Enterprise Customers With Availability Suite v9

12 January 2016

Veeam continues to aggressively target enterprise customers in its hunt for $1 billion in revenue by 2018.