Stand For Something Worth Standing For

Positioning is about standing for something. Something valuable. Something people care about.

There are plenty of other companies competing for attention in the world. People are busy. They have their own worries and concerns, so to get noticed you have to matter to them. You have to be relevant, important, different.

It’s not about you.

Good positioning requires thinking like your customer, understanding their view of the world, and making sure your product or service has value to them. What you think is great about your product is pointless if your customers don’t care. You have to have a market orientation.

And not caring is your biggest enemy. It’s not the competitors. It is apathy. To survive the bombardment of the modern world, customers have learned to tune out most advertising. They skip your ads, they scoff at your puffery, they actively avoid your mailing lists. Except when they don’t.

Because it’s a curious contradiction: we know marketing works. We can prove it. Despite everyone believing that advertising doesn’t work on them, we know it works on everyone.


Amber Rowland
Founder, The Rowland Agency
"I’ve worked with dozens of consultants over the years and PivotNine is the only firm I recommend when it comes to positioning and messaging. They are THE best at what they do hands down."
Sebastian Tiedtke
Chief Technology Officer, Smallstep
"PivotNine helped focus and articulate Smallstep's positioning and message, and provided more clarity to research objectives. PivotNine shine with great customer experience and with their knowledge and professionalism while maintaining a personal touch."
Ohad Maislish
Co-Founder and CEO, Env0
"It was clear that PivotNine knows the domain and could guide us with how to progress our marketing strategy. They're just very good and easy to work with. Everything was well organized and clear."

At PivotNine, we help clients determine the best position for them to take based on what customers actually want, what they could get from competitors, and what you want to offer them. We help you to be your best self because no one can be more you than you.

We advise on research techniques, branding, marketing strategy, and communications to help you reach your customers.

We help you to stand for something worth standing for.

Download the PivotNine Positioning Framework whitepaper to discover our secret sauce!

The PivotNine Positioning Framework whitepaper explains how PivotNine works with clients to uncover what makes them special, and how they can compete and win in their chosen market.

Learn how to develop your own positioning statement using the Framework to ask the right questions.

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