WebAssembly Startup Fermyon Releases Spin 1.0 For Serverless WASM

22 March 2023

Spin version 1.0 provides added language support, a built in key-value store, support for OCI package registries and external SQL databases.

Pure Storage Adds Free DirectCompress Accelerator Card to FlashArray//XL

8 March 2023

New FlashArray//XL arrays come with a free DirectCompress FPGA data compression accelerator card built in.

Pure Storage Announces FlashBlade//E to Wipe Out Spinning Disk

1 March 2023

Pure Storage has announced a new line of capacity flash storage arrays called the FlashBlade//E.

Solo.io and Networking Options in Kubernetes

22 February 2023

Why is Solo’s service mesh needed? Why doesn’t Kubernetes already do this?

Platform Engineering: Our Research Focus for 2023

14 February 2023

PivotNine’s research focus for 2023 will be on Platform Engineering.

Forward Networks For Defensive Planning

3 February 2023

Forward Networks’ model of the network looks very handy for infosec blue teams to plan defenses.

Pure Storage Announces PX-Backup Free Forever Tier

28 October 2022

Pure Storage has announced a ‘free forever’ tier of its Portworx Backup offering.

Pure Storage Announces Portworx Enterprise 3.0

28 October 2022

Pure Storage has announced an expanded, fully-managed service for Kubernetes storage with Portworx Enterprise 3.0.

The State of Startup Funding

25 October 2022

A summary of the current state of startup funding based on a sample of US West coast VC firms.