Druva Announces $10 Million Data Resiliency Guarantee

9 August 2022

Druva has announced a $10 million data resiliency guarantee for customers spending more than $25k a year.

Systems doing what they do

1 August 2022

A bunch of wailing about financial earnings, Intel winning and losing, Amazon having another go at healthcare, and Alibaba pulling back.

Ransomware Is Coming For Your Backups

18 May 2022

Ransomware isn’t going away, and solid backups are still your best option when, not if, you get hit.

Keysight CyPerf For Security Under Stress

26 April 2022

Do your systems stay secure when they’re being stressed?

The IT Tyrant Test

15 February 2022

The IT Tyrant Test is simple: What if Terraform decided to be evil today?

Intel’s Support For FIDO Device Onboarding

24 January 2022

Intel reckons the new FIDO Device Onboard standard will make secure IoT device configuration easy.