Writing Good Communications Briefs

27 September 2022

A template for writing a good communications brief.

What Are You, Really?

21 September 2022

When briefing an analyst, you must know what your product is, and what it is not.

Positioning Against

20 September 2022

If I’m struggling with positioning, I find it useful to position against something else, at least as an exercise.

Systems doing what they do

1 August 2022

A bunch of wailing about financial earnings, Intel winning and losing, Amazon having another go at healthcare, and Alibaba pulling back.

Melty Clouds

25 July 2022

Clouds don’t like climate change either, and infosec continues to burn brightly.

Death to Murder Mystery Marketing

30 May 2022

Murder mystery marketing doesn’t work when tech companies forget to kill someone.

The Pain/Awareness Matrix

10 May 2022

Vendors should understand customer pain and problem awareness before they try to sell them things they don’t want or need.

NetApp’s Ongoing Reinvention

2 March 2022

NetApp continues its reinvention into a cloud services portfolio company, which is still very much a work-in-progress.

VMware’s Developer Play

9 February 2022

The change in marketing leadership at VMware indicates that the company has had enough of trying to convince developers to get interested in infrastructure and wants to try a different approach.

Lockpicks For Lock-In

3 February 2022

Lock-in is just over-hyped switching costs so what’s really going on here?

The Simple Power of Communications Briefs

15 March 2021

The discipline of writing a comms brief will help you get better at communicating with people.

Building Your Early Stage Content Strategy

25 February 2021

Build your early stage content strategy by working backwards from the customer.

Solving Marketing Problems With Perceptual Fingerprints

17 February 2021

An introduction to PivotNine’s Perceptual Fingerprint™ technique for analyzing product/market fit.

Understanding Customer Pain

10 February 2021

Using the Pain/Awareness Matrix to understand customer pain, and how you can help them.

To Tell Better Tech Stories, Figure Out Who You Really Are

4 February 2021

To tell better tech stories, you need to figure out who you really are and what makes you special. And then do it on purpose.

Position Based Decision Making

15 January 2021

Finding a strong position for your company helps everyone to make better decisions.

Pure Storage Adds Optane-Based DirectMemory Blades to FlashArray//X

4 October 2019

Pure Storage has extended its FlashArray//X product line with new Optane-based DirectMemory.