Pure Storage Adds Free DirectCompress Accelerator Card to FlashArray//XL

8 March 2023

New FlashArray//XL arrays come with a free DirectCompress FPGA data compression accelerator card built in.

Pure Storage Announces PX-Backup Free Forever Tier

28 October 2022

Pure Storage has announced a ‘free forever’ tier of its Portworx Backup offering.

Pure Storage Announces Portworx Enterprise 3.0

28 October 2022

Pure Storage has announced an expanded, fully-managed service for Kubernetes storage with Portworx Enterprise 3.0.

Commvault Releases Metallic ThreatWise To Detect Threats To Your Data Early

21 September 2022

Data protection vendor Commvault has released Metallic Threatwise, a SaaS add-onfor Metallic that detects intruders when they first enter the environment.

Folio Photonics Wants To Kill HDDs With Film

1 September 2022

Folio Photonics has a fancy new storage media that it believes can kill off active archives that currently live on hard disks.

Druva Announces $10 Million Data Resiliency Guarantee

9 August 2022

Druva has announced a $10 million data resiliency guarantee for customers spending more than $25k a year.

Intel Exits Optane

29 July 2022

Intel will shut down its Optane storage class memory business.

Object First Launches with Backup Optimised Object Storage for Veeam

28 June 2022

Veeam co-founders Ratmir Timashev and Andrei Baronov have launched Object First to provide an on-site object storage appliance specifically for Veeam backup data in the mid-enterprise.

Pure Storage Launches FlashBlade//S

8 June 2022

Pure Storage has launched FlashBlade//S with independently scalable compute and storage to broaden its addressable market.

FlashBlade for the Future

8 June 2022

The future of storage is a long-lived but ever-changing service.

Ransomware Is Coming For Your Backups

18 May 2022

Ransomware isn’t going away, and solid backups are still your best option when, not if, you get hit.

File and Object on Flash

18 May 2022

The benefits of flash storage for file and object data are about more than just performance.

The Evolution of Pure Storage FlashBlade

4 May 2022

FlashBlade needs to change to match what customers are doing today.

Nasuni’s Object File System Puzzles Me

29 April 2022

Trying to work out why using object storage makes Nasuni enterprise file storage better.

SIOS High Availability Software

21 April 2022

SIOS is a good option for old-school style clustering and failover software for 2- and 3-node SQLServer and SAP clusters.

Fungible Can Be Anything But What Is It Today?

21 April 2022

Fungible believes the future of infrastructure is composable and scale-out based on DPUs. But what is it today?

Kasten is the Cure for Container Chaos

20 April 2022

Kasten is a solution to a problem that shouldn’t exist, but does because people are terrible.

3-Tier Cloud Native Architectures

6 April 2022

We advocate for a three tier cloud native architecture that embraces the benefits of cloud native techniques where it makes sense to do so but also retains existing, proven approaches to data storage.

Metallic’s Reverse Takeover of Commvault

18 March 2022

Metallic was just what Commvault needed to refresh itself, and now it’s going to take over the whole company.

NetApp’s Ongoing Reinvention

2 March 2022

NetApp continues its reinvention into a cloud services portfolio company, which is still very much a work-in-progress.

Infrascale Recovery For SMBs

2 February 2022

Infrascale provides a feature-rich set of products for SMB data protection and recovery needs.

CTERA Global File Sharing With Modern Security

1 February 2022

CTERA’s global filesystem is designed for secure, distributed data sharing in a multi- and hybrid-cloud world.

Tape Lives! At Fujifilm

31 January 2022

Fujifilm has a new (-ish) product called Fujifilm Object Archive that they showed off to use at Storage Field Day 22. It’s basically AWS Glacier but for inside your datacentre.

Pure Flash Powers Meta AI Research SuperCluster

25 January 2022

Meta/Facebook has built a new AI Research Supercomputer using Pure Storage so is it time to ditch custom storage architectures?

VAST Data Shows What Stateless Containers Can Do

19 January 2022

VAST data uses containers in its storage arrays, but not the way most developers are thinking about stateful containers.

Pure Storage Portworx Data Services

28 September 2021

Portworx Data Services promises a t-shirt size picklist of databases as a service. But will customers use it properly?

Pure Storage and Cohesity Join Forces With New FlashRecover Offering

12 August 2020

Pure Storage and Cohesity have announced a jointly-engineered offering called FlashRecover, Powered by Cohesity that pairs Pure’s FlashBlade arrays with Cohesity software to provide a rapid recovery option for customers.

Pure Storage Extends TAM with New Capacity Optimised Array

31 October 2019

The Pure Storage FlashArray//C extends Pure Storage’s reach down-market and threatens hybrid arrays.

Pure Storage Adds Optane-Based DirectMemory Blades to FlashArray//X

4 October 2019

Pure Storage has extended its FlashArray//X product line with new Optane-based DirectMemory.

Pure Storage Goes After NetApp’s Lunch With New FlashBlade

14 March 2016

Pure Storage launch a new product line, the FlashBlade, aimed at customers who want fast, dense, NFS addressable flash.

NetApp Acquires SolidFire For $870 Million

21 December 2015

NetApp to acquire scale-out flash storage startup SolidFire for $870 million in cash.

Pure Storage IPO: A Look Back

17 October 2015

Pure Storage had their IPO a couple of weeks ago, and I’d like to look at it now that most people have moved on to whatever shiny object will capture their attention for the next twelve seconds.