Tech Field Day

Solo.io and Networking Options in Kubernetes

22 February 2023

Why is Solo’s service mesh needed? Why doesn’t Kubernetes already do this?

Death to Murder Mystery Marketing

30 May 2022

Murder mystery marketing doesn’t work when tech companies forget to kill someone.

Apica For Complex Load Testing and Monitoring

5 May 2022

Apica is what I wanted to use back in the early 2000s but it didn’t exist yet.

Keysight CyPerf For Security Under Stress

26 April 2022

Do your systems stay secure when they’re being stressed?

Fungible Can Be Anything But What Is It Today?

21 April 2022

Fungible believes the future of infrastructure is composable and scale-out based on DPUs. But what is it today?

Kasten is the Cure for Container Chaos

20 April 2022

Kasten is a solution to a problem that shouldn’t exist, but does because people are terrible.

StormForge For Optimal Kubernetes

21 March 2022

StormForge wants to put automated Kubernets optimisation into your DevOps workflow.

Metallic’s Reverse Takeover of Commvault

18 March 2022

Metallic was just what Commvault needed to refresh itself, and now it’s going to take over the whole company.

Morpheus Spends Well With Others

14 October 2020

The cost visibility and spend control aspect of Morpheus are very impressive and worth your time.

Private and Secure Overlay Networking with Tempered AirWall

17 June 2020

Tempered’s AirWall provides a backwards-compatible overlay network that is secure and private thanks to Host Identity Protocol. It’s the future of networking.

PathSolutions Security Operations Manager Helps Humans Find Security Gremlins

28 May 2020

PathSolutions Security Operations Manager looks like a solid option for mid-market firms that want an all-purpose security tool.

VMware Adds Distributed IPS/IDS to NSX

27 May 2020

VMware has added distributed IPS/IDS to NSX, but is it ready for real-world operations?

SolarWinds Joins The Cloud APM Game

25 May 2020

SolarWinds is joining up its cloud monitoring options into a suite of tools. But can it remain relevant?

Pensando Expands What SmartNIC Offloads Can Do

18 May 2020

Pensando have created a P4 programmable SmartNIC with distributed management capabilities. But who will buy them?

DR to VMware Cloud on AWS with Site Recovery Manager

12 May 2020

VMware has added DR capabilities to VMware Cloud on AWS with Site Recovery Manager support.

Droplet Computing Makes The Browser The Computer

17 April 2018

Droplet Computing have used WebAssembly to turn your browser into a computer that can run any old application.